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muhtun: Did they nerf her titties in the remake?
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FootmanJeff: Was wondering when she would show up here
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ASK: @muhtun: Dear God, I HOPE not.

@FootmanJeff: No kidding. So far, Hunnigan has been getting most of the R34 attention right now, which is ironic, when you consider that almost nobody even gave her the time of day before. Although, now that I'm thinking about it, neither of the RE4 girls really got much love, did they?
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FootmanJeff: I'm sure there's more coming. Though I can never really predict which characters are going to be popular for artists. They always surprise me.
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Hirus: @muhtun: If they did or not, atleast modders can fix it. But there's no fixing that Horrible Ada voice.
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ryouma17: @ASK: ahsley has gotten some attention though original hunnigan was forgotten, they were both overshadowed by ada which i find sad cause i always liked ashley more then ada i've always thought ada was overrated
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kevinlevin: @ASK: Hunnigan is getting attention because the demo had her model in it so it was the only one they can rip as of now, now that the game is out, Ashley and Ada are bound to come knocking and wrecking immediately.
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UnderCoverFap: @muhtun Yeah they did, but mods can easily fix it. I think we are willing to shrug off so called 'modern audience' aesthetics bullshit being applied to sex appeal in current games thanks to mods.

@Hirus Exactly, I listened to all of Ada's Cut-scenes and this new voice actress FAILED. There is no charisma at all. Why the fuck did they re-cast Ada? RE 2 REmake Ada was PERFECT.

Ada sounds so monotone and catatonic when she speaks, did the voice director tell the new Ada voice actress to give no emotion or inflection during her recordings?

Ashley's voice actress on the other hand killed it, hence why I think there will be more 34 of her than Ada. There's such a barrier to finding any emotional attachment to Ada in the new game because of such a poor voice acting performance.

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ASK: @ryouma17: I don't know about Ashley. I always got the lingering sense that Capcom was trying to put a little bit of Velma from Scooby Doo into her, but the fact that Ashley's just not that bright made her come off as more annoying than endearing.

As for Ada overshadowing her and Hunnigan, that's certainly true. I would also agree with Ada being overrated, but that's never been her fault. The problem is that Capcom just overplayed their hand with her. They simply refused to get to the point and say what her whole deal was, because they were hooked on the whole "mystery loner" vibe. And people just lost patience. Even IF Capcom had made some kind of reveal, it was already too late. They'd missed their window and the fans had moved on.