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Uploader noxo,
Tags 3D Animated Ben_10 DC_Comics Gwen_Tennyson Prevence Raven Sound Teen_Titans gold_boombox_(prevence)
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DCCross: zzzzzzz
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theblackestsheep: Kinda funny, but that's not what this site's about :)
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BBRea24: @theblackestsheep: actually, this is not funny, not that i'm complaining but.... why add 18 year old raven with 10 year old gwen tennyson? That's not how duos are, raven is much older than kid gwen. they should add teen gwen with raven, an anodite with a cambion could be best friends but both tv shows are not connected.
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Gohda111: Yeah I don't like this video for its horrible music alone, but Prevence's videos are usually actually funny. Not porny, but funny.
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bratloaf: Awesome lol

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