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Tags 3D 3eeq Abigail_Blyg Animated Blender The_Quarry
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- Reply
34Critic: Very surprised little is done with that model.
- Reply
Rrrrtttt: @34Critic: Game is terrible that's why lol
- Reply
lurkercj: @Rrrrtttt: What does porn have to do with hot game models?
- Reply
lurkercj: @lurkercj: Games quality* not porn
- Reply
speedlot: The game is fine, doesn't live up to until dawn but its a good time for a bit.

But regardless, the game features the real likeness of multiple attractive live action actresses, you really would think more porn would be made from it.
- Reply
FootmanJeff: Agreed. Need more, as speedlot said. Haven't bought the game yet myself.
- Reply
Rrrrtttt: @lurkercj: Someone is a little butt hurt aww
- Reply
DrPavel: He asked a question and he's butthurt?

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