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Shadowskill11: 41? Lol, white women start breaking down in their mid-30's. Unless she married a plastic surgeon or is extremely wealthy, no way man.
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HeHeBOI: Okay first off you could do the bare minimum of research for Bryce Dallas Howard, She is currently 41 and looks amazing. Unless you're blind or retarded.. probably the latter - in Jurassic Dominion she's around 36 or 37. So what the fuck are on about?
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niteshade: @HeHeBOILol don't fall for the woke troll
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syko136: @niteshade: in what way is what they said "woke"? do you just say things you've heard without knowing what they mean?
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Shadowskill11: @HeHeBOI: Nothing you said conflicted with what I said. Think before typing?