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fumos: lube? in a piece of media about sex? what is this, real life?
- Reply
faffadre: @fumuos According to a lot of people recently a piece a media is real life. What's the age of that fictional character, Futa's aren't real, no woman has the body like that, a dick can't be that big, etc.
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Twtrkenco: Damn! Was hoping for anal. Still hottest Sheva animation in a while
- Reply
aryan826: yay it got sound :)
- Reply
TheMirror: Goddamn, this one got me bricked up, fr.
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Zetcurri: @fumos: I keep forgetting victims of infant genital mutilation need lube for sex or masturbation
- Reply
Pussy69: @Zetcurri: And skanks need icyhot....
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majestic_117: @fumos: u mofos always got somethin to bitch about, holy shit, touch grass
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fumos: damn take it easy it was a joke, i like seeing lube in animations, it's a nice touch
- Reply
accml: has fatcat ever commented on how many hours a scene like this takes him?

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