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Tags 3D Animated Halo Rayhuma Sangheili Sound
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General_Bitch: too many nasty motherfuckers got access to computers. I would never in a million years put wear and tear on my system to make some retarded furry shit like this.
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Zetsuban: @General_Bitch: And yet you took the time to click on, watch, and comment on said "Retarded furry shit". I refuse to believe you didn't realize it was a non-human girl in the thumbnail, so knowing this, why even click on it in the first place?
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SpookySpook: @General_Bitch: you really are a bitch
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mecalise: @General_Bitch: imagine having sever mental disabilities. yikes bro, I feel sorry for you :/
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ThatgirlColdbluu91: she thicc tho lol
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MADDVILLAINT: @General_Bitch: cope and seathe and fap to this "furry shit" like WE KNOW you are. Imagine entering a gay bar just to say "y'all gay" bitch stfu you know why you're here, you're just too pussy to say it