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Tags 3D Animated Blender Helen_Parr ShadyLewds The_Incredibles_(film)
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jackson22222: God dammit,this would be fucking amazing if it wasn't for the cucking.
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Incelebrity: good anim wasted on the most mentally ill fetish
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chero666: Love how NTR brings out the self-inserters in the crowd, and the really bad ones that think they're the ones getting cucked.
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mehgusta: @chero666: i know right?! i just can't fathom why those people fail to envision themselves as the other guy instead of the cucked
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Incelebrity: @mehgusta: if anything it brings out the insecure opressed little freak in you that tries to live vicariously through the animated world. News flash, regardless of which one you envision being, it is still the same mentally ill fetish. The fact that you chose to deflect away from that proves you are indeed projecting your unfulfilled desires and are 95% either a virgin or "open relationship" at best
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atozed: @Incelebrity: sorry you got cucked/overlooked/ignored IRL m8 but maybe don't take dumb fetishes so seriously.