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Uploader Rastafarian,
Tags 3D Animated Cloud_Strife evilaudio Final_Fantasy_(series) irispoplar Sound Source_Filmmaker
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KasTheRa: call me more names while you watch gay porn, Daddy
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Razashte: Ah yes, insults. Still love the animation
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Undercity4: I believe that gay and futa material gets insulted the most here..But gay content is rare in general, especially animated wise. My guess is there aren't that many artist who are into it or have supporters of it...Perhaps.
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UnderCoverFap: @Undercity4 Who knows, if it gives them existence then I say let these fellas look at gay/futa posts and write in the comment section after clicking the thumbnail of gay/futa porn...that it is indeed for faggots.

I cheer you on my good men who hate the cock, there is much gay/futa cocks to be looked at and you must comment on ALL of them. And every time I see that you have called everyone a fag after the 53rd comment of gay/futa porn you have posted to, I will never call into question your heterosexuality.



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JacobIsland: @skipper03: Said the faggot
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Undercity4: @UnderCoverFap: To be honest I sometimes shut off the comments by using an extension...These so called "straight" males are just a bunch of insecure idiots on here..IF they knew any better they would know that not everyone who's into futa or produces the stuff is a male. I have socialized with plenty of female artist who are into it. Hell I met a lot of them on Hentai Foundry and Slushe.

The problem with sites like this is most of the comments is coming from angry man children. When I got fed up with seeing certain content. I bought Poser and downloaded DAZ to make my own shit. For instance, I got sick of always seeing black males because people kept neglecting black women..But I didn't sit around bitching and viewing porn with black men just to whine about it. No I started making my own stuff instead..Something some of these clowns on here need to start doing..This entitlement shit is disgusting.
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Undercity4: @JacobIsland: lol you know whats funny?
I know gay guys who are built like Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
These fools would never say that to their faces. I guy I use to work with was gay.
He'd knock your teeth down your throat if you called him that.
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ThatgirlColdbluu91: wait... i commented on this before didn't i? Rasta u deleting my comments? i'm not crazy right O_O

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Rastafarian: @ThatgirlColdbluu91: Nope never deleted a comment on this post.
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420gayweeddad69: Cloud is LITERALLY MADE FOR BIG BLACK COCK none of this baby white dick stuff
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USAgent: This but unironically