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Tags 3D Animated Assumi_Fonix Blood_Elf Sound World_of_Warcraft alori noname55
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syko136: @ordinator01: that's just another type of cringe comment ya know.
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Zangs077: Poor Assumi is jealous xD
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Gridrock: @ordinator01: Your existence is cringe, just saying my dude. *shrugs*
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Gridrock: @ordinator01: Called what? that you're just looking to start something for no reason other than for attention?
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Vortex: A troll of culture.
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Gridrock: @ordinator01: When you have nothing better to say but resort to an irrelevant point, and using that as your response, you really need to reevaluate yourself as a human being
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Gridrock: @ordinator01: Actual point stands, you're a sad dude that thinks starting trouble with your first comment on this post makes you feel relevant.

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