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Tags 3D Animated Daenerys_Targaryen Flashsfm Game_of_Thrones Sound
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e1293: A real struggle to find useful Emilia Clarke audio for this one. Her deep breathing is all i could find lol. It will have to suffice for now…


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Futa(Sword clanging):!ZJBWTapS!-fqihFdEma3-ZeIAD3gbwNlbtuto7YVlHnJIulTynXs



Futa(Sword clanging):!QJAEVAKZ!vklAcuMKaikGBAdcZ75EEPLViLeFc_jLC33aZ7o9MOA
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suckit66: this actress is not beautiful at all a 6/10 at best
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DrPavel: Emilia is better with long dark hair but yeah she’s average with blonde or brown hair.
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e1293: @smarty358: To each their own. Emilia gets 3 thumbs up from me personally regardless of hair color. Her eyebrows make her a living, breathing animated character imo lol.
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kevinlevin: Honestly, you trying to find the actual voices of the character already makes you better than most who put audio moans in these animations.
Usually they just slap some generic sex noise there even though it doesn't match the voice whatsoever. Such a fucking turnoff.
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kevinlevin: Its why Zone is kinda the best at this. Sure, Zone's limiting himself by just using whatever the voice actor did for the actual show (or any other show they did with a similar voice, if Modifuckrs is an example).
But it feels authentic and doesn't sound out of place.
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e1293: @kevinlevin: Very true. Thanks man. Trying to go the extra mile for sure. It's def easier to go that route with generic audio. I would try to track down pornstars with similar accents for characters with less game audio to choose from, but that is really a huge time sink tbh. Would rather work with the original voice actors' audio for now.