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Uploader Justausername3,
Tags 3D Animated Dead_or_Alive Honoka Sound Source_Filmmaker noname55
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Violater: Wonder if this guy has any of the other DOA girls he can do this with too? the lack of pai chan or helena is disturbingly low
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stevefox: yeah Honoka is starting to get annoying.. DOA has so many great girls
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Anonymous1: nonames animations take longer and longer to come out and they get more and more shitty and boring. Since all you dipshits give this guy a decent amount of money to sit on his ass it all makes sense
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Anonymous2: yeah..need pai chan and also lei fang..
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yterz: what the hell are you talking about, Honoka is best girl.
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Celwenil: @Anonymous:
I wonder if you're also one of those who "pay noname to sit on his ass"

Not every animation was to be a masterpiece of originality and perfection.
Maybe he wanted to animate exactly this. Maybe this was a commission or poll winner.

And saying this is shitty animation? You probably haven't seen many.

Look at the quality. Pretty neat sound and the details in animation. This is beyond any generic animation.
Noname is a damn good artist.

If you could do better, go ahead. Just do it. And let people shitpost on your creations.
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cleavers: Honoka's the best anyways