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XIII: Piercings are nasty.
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fuckfuckfuck: Wait...wait...this is at a -2 when its running at a smooth frame rate

There's actual emotion on the character's face

No annoying/out of place voice clips or animated distractions for LOLOLOLRANDOMLOL content...

I don't understand you fucking autists. Is it because of the dick? Is it really because of the piercings?

I suggest you all pull your head out of your ass and look at ANY of the other posts here. Your perception of "quality" will change, drastically.

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lol1234: i mean it's good quality and all. but i'm not a big fan of dicks on girls, that's all
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C431: that's a spicy meatball
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XIII: I never said the animation was bad. I said I don't like piercings. You should, uh, ease up on the white knight brigade and stop trying to twist a very simple statement into something as if it were pure misanthropy just to make yourself sound justified.

Fucking autist.
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GetGRAYED: @fuckfuckfuck: "No distractions for LOLOLOLOLRANDOMLOL content."

Pretty sure her fingers are giving a certain gesture, as C431 pointed out. And to be honest, that's pretty distracting. Autist.
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Anonymous1: @GetGRAYED: that's a he
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GetGRAYED: @Anonymous: ok xd
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coldbluu: i like it, fuck you guys lol
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alphaangel: no futa and another version at source