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DeWitt1912: It might not look like much, but this is one of my favorite Rule34 pictures - just because it was one of the first pics of the Childlike Empress that I ever saw, and also one of the first loli pics I really enjoyed.

The original post over on "the other site" also had a long discussion of little-known loli characters who deserved more Rule34 art, which inspired me to make a few commissions... >:D
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Anonymous1: @DeWitt1912: here's a compilation of BOTH the lists from the other 34 site:

elle fanning from super 8

more dakota fanning in taken, push or the runaways

little rock from zombieland (abigail breslin)

Haley ("he touched my breast!") from The Wizard

cristina ricci in casper

more veruca salt in charlie and the chocolate factory (julia winter version)

michelle trachtenberg in harriet the spy

more tami stronach as the child empress from the neverending story

more carrie henn as newt from aliens

more brooke shields as violet from pretty baby

more annasophia robb as leslie burke from bridge to terabithia

hilary duff as lizzie mcguire

more of natalie portman's mathilda in leon:the professional

emily osment as "lilly truscott" in hannah montana

Vivien Cardone as Delia Brown in Everwood: SEASON ONE

early jackie evancho

Victoria Goldsmith as "Beth-Anne: the Cingular textgirl"

Scout Taylor-Compton as "Clara Forester" in Gilmore Girls

rory gilmore(alexis bledel) from gilmore girls

Kaley Cuoco during her Loli period in "Virtuosity", maybe sucking SID 6.7's dick

Danielle Harris as 'Darian Hallenbeck' in "The Last Boy Scout"

Topanga from Boy Meets World

Alie Smith from the old Nickelodeon show "Don't just sit there" (1989)

Angela Hayes in American Beauty

teenage girl from "Honey, I shrunk the kids"

Evan Rachel Wood in Simone

Ari Meyers from "Kate & Allie" (1984)

Genevieve Gaunt as Pansy Parkinson
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DeWitt1912: @Anonymous: You're the real MVP, anon 1!
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Anonymous2: @Anonymous: wayfarer actually created some harriet the spy 34,though he never posted any here.
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notmi: How is Punky Brewster and her friends not on this list?
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Scrubs: @notmi: Considering how massive her breasts became later on, you may want to consider both older and younger versions, Lol.
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notmi: @Scrubs: Haven't seen her since the old show, so I'll take your word for it. That being said, sure why not. As long as the big tatas are on the adult Punky... never did understand oppai loli.
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FredPoptheProphet: @Dewitt1912 what other 34 site?
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Scrubs: @FredPoptheProphet: It's sort of like Voldemort, 'he that must not be named'..
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beter6: I do hope somebody names it tho
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Scrubs: @beter6: The term is banned from the comments section, the website blocks you from posting it.