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Tags 1kmspaint 3D Animated Great_Fairy Link Sound Source_Filmmaker The_Legend_of_Zelda
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monster25: Wow
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Anonymous1: dear god MOAR!
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Redrain: I hope theres more of it, looks very good
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Anonymous2: Dat Great Fairy
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Skorpio: Shame the it has low quality textures. Animation looks top notch-
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BlackHoleSun: Would be easy to make the lips better by blurring the pixels on the texture... I guess?
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1kmspaint: Not sure why somebody would upload my trailer but if you don't follow me on tumblr this is just a short clip from a longer around 5 minute short I am putting together.

This is before a lot of post work has gone into the animation because I am not entirely done.
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Anonymous3: @1kmspaint: I assume you finished this long ago? Your tumblr is missing all kinds of shit since they started banning people. All i've been able to find out on the web is a file called pleasurefountainunfinished

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