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Anonymous1: will his stuff ever not clip?

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juliojakers: @Anonymous: Ok... I read so many complaining about my works that clipping...

First, as you know, I'm not doing short animation...

Second, I don't like animation that just Humping Back Forwards at same potition, I want to make MORE VARIATION MOVEMENT on my scene...

Thirds, If you know the problem what I have get from those clipping thing, when I make 1 FRAME to not clipping, then 2 Frame Backwards Got Clipping...

Fourth, I render the whole thing is around 2 HOURS for a angle...

So If you guys don't know the problem send me some message first on my Tumblr, and I'll tell you why I don't want to fixing the scene just because I need to re-render another 2 GOD DAMN HOURS...

I know my works NOT PERFECT...
At least I tried as good as I can...

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DarkShin: Upload Video (

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JGary321: My dick doesn't care about a little bit of clipping. Keep up the good work @juliojakers.
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Anonymous2: @juliojakers: all your points have nothing to do with the clipping
you can make longer stuff without making everything look like shit

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dantekazama: @Anonymous:You need hobbies friend... lol
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Anonymous3: @Anonymous: perhaps you can send him message to his Tumblr... or maybe go get some JOBS... XD
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Anonymous4: SCREW IT JULIOJAKERS !! this is one of the best BJ i've seen since SFM exist, your works rocks, keep it up, don't hear the non-constructive comments, that's shit. ;)
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petejones: Julio Jakers used to be awesome....that is before he started doing that patreon paywall bullshit.