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Uploader justme77,
Tags 3D Animated Blender Lara_Croft RashNemain Sound Tomb_Raider
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seftoe: Wow, that was amazing!
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aryan826: :)
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kragen: I need a cigarette!!!!!!!!!!
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Sasanid: S-tier animation.
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MisterJake: There's like a million little things in the the way Laura was animated alone that goes to show how top fucking tier Rash is as an animator. When I'm looking at her fingers and hands and subtle body motions more than the actual blowjob itself, that's some quality shit!
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Braveheart14882: This is cinematic quality stuff. I heard that Dreamworks' renderer got open sourced a while back, so if it ever gets ported to Blender I can only imagine how good it would look.