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Uploader AlexPokerMan,
Tags 3D Animated Atomic_Heart Rayhuma Sound Source_Filmmaker Twin_Ballerina_Robots
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basila: Why animators can't just use normal models? Why they always add fat tits and asses? It's fucking disgusting
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ShaoKahn: Garbage proportions
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Gannendorf: I dont get it either. You have perfect models and than you change them in a abomination form. Maybe its personal taste/fetish, but it looks just strange, sry
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34Critic: Agree this is just trash. The default models at so much better looking as is.
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Pussy69: @Basila, ShaoKahn, Gannendorf, 34Critic
Learn to 3D model and do it yourself the way you want it. Problem solved
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ThatgirlColdbluu91: why do people do anything?.....because they can :L
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Gannendorf: @pussy69 Its just my opinion. Nothing against the creator or the fans of these thick characters. To me looks strange, but if you like something like that, than happy fapping. There are enough animations out there for all kind of tastes^^

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