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Tags 3D Animated Ellie Sound Source_Filmmaker The_Last_of_Us_Part_II Xentho
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histrider: top notch facial animation
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ThisIsChris: Xentho is just life.
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ThatgirlColdbluu91: hmmm (golf claps)
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ASK: Actually, I think she needs to rephrase the question. We KNOW what SHE'S doing. But when there's a naked girl in front of you and you have to THINK about what you want to do next, that's a problem. ^_^;
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HotRettas: Had a similar experience with my first girlfriend. We were both virgins. The extreme awkwardness was cute though.
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kragen: love this model of Ellie!
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goldeneye009: Part 2 anyone? Ah this is brilliant