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Tags 3D Animated Midna Sound Source_Filmmaker The_Legend_of_Zelda woozysfm
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Bill: Now, this is her best model.

Don't know why so many animators are using that new shitty model of hers.
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Nothsa: Preach it Bill
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Mr_Lolicon: Why is it so blurry?
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ravenclaw132313: Anyone know where to get this model?
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ravenclaw132313: Wait nvm, I just found out the animator made that model
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rilshay: best model 100% preach bill

we need more midna anyway
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trshfsrthstrhfs: it's just the hyrule warriors model with a vagina model attached, you can tell because the material he used for the vagina is much more glossy. its really obvious. nice animations though, i agree the "newer" midna model that some people use is terrifying looking.
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rilshay: best model is redmoas