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Tags 3D Animated Metroid Samus_Aran Secaz Sound Source_Filmmaker
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dpakoh: damn... impressive sound work here
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Nightelflove: Good stuff!
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dualshock: really damn good
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Giony: that pov, fuck
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SuperBlack: Damn! +1 from me. Great animation, with incredible attention to detail! Even the little side thing happening with the couple on the other side of the divider is incredibly animated. The sound is great- no, actually it's perfect. This animation truly caught me by surprise. I clicked on it, not thinking it was going to be "such-a-much", but it blew me away. Keep up the AAA+++ work Secaz. When I've got more money, I will definitely be backing you! You're doing god's work son, you truly are.

I gotta say though, I've been working out for years, and been doing cross fit for almost a year now, and I am totally impressed with her core/glute strength. I'm feeling the burn after only 50 sumo goblet squats, while she is taking it like a champ! XD
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Anonymous1: Secaz has really outdone himself lately