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Uploader ANNDX,
Tags 3D Animated Chloe_Frazer Sound Source_Filmmaker Uncharted Uncharted_The_Lost_Legacy anndx
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Anonymous1: The model looks great. but jesus fuck that sucking animation..particularly on the palate area of the mouth..looks so goddamn unnatural. not in a good way.
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CyanidenSFM: yea i agreed but the flexes of her mouth are a bit annoying tho so i understand.
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ANNDX: The thing is - I got so used to using face bones on models I forgot about flexes :D
Besides, I have just found out there is annoying flex delay which makes it impossible to loop correctly.
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Anonymous2: @ANNDX Animate with flexes as normal, making sure that it loops properly. Shift all the keyframes (or bookmarks) of the animation to the right about 5 frames or so (make sure that the animation timeline length is increased the same amount), then export the animation.

Pull the exported video into a video editing software, edit out the first five frames, and your loop is golden.
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slappy1: Pretty good for a start.
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nephyta: still very good start mate
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