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Tags 3D Animated Cammy_White Juri_Han Sound Source_Filmmaker Street_Fighter redmoa
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ShitstainMcfapmop: Not into futa at all, but that was pretty funny.
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chancethegraver: From a doujin my Han Drill
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chancethegraver: by*
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mikedawson: wait a minute....i just realized....juri is majima!
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UnderCoverFap: This is by far the best Futa SFM animation of 2018. Redmoa has got to be the most creative animator when it comes to kinky scenarios. This was so unexpected, a motion comic/full animation, which has a great ending to boot!

SFM porn loops are fine and all, but the classic build up to sex is what really gets me. Porn 90% of the time is psychological and its the ideas that are sexually arousing, more than the act it self.

This could have been another force rape scenario, but instead we see Juri put herself in front of Cammy and forcing her into a sexual situation. The details of the slow erecting dick, the lower lip bites, and the tension in the dialogue is what makes this.

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dickkicker: @UnderCoverFap quality over quantity
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Anonymous1: this guy is genius
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Caronix: hope u continue this story, the doujin was nice but this is just awesome