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j0n3z: Who the hell made this? Looks zone-ish but then again not at all.
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Anonymous1: Source???
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Anonymous2: I thought it was zone too
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moonsun: the artist name is Batou. it's an animation you can find on Whentai, but you can expect to shell out some dough if you really want to see it with a larger resolution. Here's hoping someone gets the full size
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Krieg: The eye expression don't match with Sakura. But is a very good animation.
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kevinlevin: Yep if its Batou he usually just takes Zone's art and modify it a bit to try and pass it off as a new thing but his animation is usually more weak than Zone.

Then again, I ain't complaining for this, this premise looks better than what Zone did with Sakura.
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lilsuzy: Zone can a suck a fat one. The Kill La Kill animation was good, but the way the animation transitions were handled was stupid. Zone was better off making a simple loop every month or two instead of this giant animation stuff every year or two.
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Anonymous3: @kevinlevin

fuck no, this is fucking vaginal.
Anal is what its all about.

Anything thats procreation is a turn off.
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fireblaze12: I wouldn't buy anything from the artist on whentai.... most of the animation is taken from Zone's Hentaikey girl 5 flash with the tentacles. It's just recolored to match sakura :(
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Vermie: Funny how the bulge stays in roughly the same place, despite the tentacle moving in and out...