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Tags 3D Animated Dead_or_Alive Honoka Secaz Sound Source_Filmmaker
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BlkOWT: I Appreciate the hard work the animators put into these but I wish to see longer more 1 to 4 sec. Vids
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oYlihan: .. What about raising the size restrictions first? -_-
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oYlihan: 20 MB is nothing. And most host sites don't even go higher than 10 MB.
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TripleZ: We def need more Honoka animated thx man
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Munamauno: @BlkOWT After watching 3 years of SFM, I'm somewhat bored of looking at these one motion humping animations.

It takes a lot of time if you want to make bigger ones with variety in the acts, not just one motion looped to make it lengthier.

But I do understand that not everybody has time/motivation/ideas to do anything bigger.
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majestic_117: secazz, pure Grade A+ FAP